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It is a technology enterprise that produces three phase asynchronous motor, micro motor and household electric motor. Its annual output value reaches 400 million yuan. Strong technical force, with the international advanced automatic motor production special equipment and testing equipment, won the national level high-tech enterprises, provincial famous brand products, provincial civilization units and many other honorary titles. As a national high-tech enterprise, we need to hire the following personnel for business development needs:

Recruitment conditions

20-40 years old,Educational level above junior high school.

                1. Pipelined operators, 20;

                2. Lathes,5;

                3. punch press worker,10;

                4. Wire cutting,1;

The above post salary plan, the average monthly salary is 3000-5000,


                5. Sales,2,Skillful use of office software;

                6. Workshop Technician,3,Mechanical and electrical related major;

                7. Quality management,2,Quality work experience is preferred;

                8. Foreign trade sales,More than 4 English,

                    Fluency in spoken language,Experience in foreign trade is preferred;

                9. Administrative Clerk,2,Secretarial and business management

                                                             related specialties.

Above post salary by hiring a preferential treatment.

The company provides accommodation, pay five insurance
ADD:18 jiajia road, shengzhou city (behind the new traffic police team)
TEL:Mr Wu 0575-83000533/13989534716

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